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Part of our 2016 ANNUAL REPORT

How we have helped individuals and organizations in 2016


In 2016, Forgiveness Ministries: 

  • presented 3 "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness seminars teaching over 80 people
  • presented 4 forgiveness workshops at Christian leadership training conferences teaching over 250 people
  • participated in one pastor/leadership retreat (teaching, networking, mentoring)
  • conducted over 225 face-to-face counseling/consulting meetings with individuals, couples, and church committees
  • conducted over 80 phone counseling/consulting conversations with individuals seeking help
  • facilitated a weekly "Bible  Training Class" for the public for the entire year
  • provided a speaker to preach on 16 Sundays in different churches as requested throughout the year
  • mentored three different church leaders in biblical forgiveness on a regular basis,
  • completed a new book, "What You Might Not Know About Forgiveness" and secured publishing opportunities
  • continued to network with and assist several individuals in prison, some of whom led forgiveness studies in their prisons
  • continued to network with and assist at least three recovery ministries and homeless ministries influencing hundreds of people

In carrying out the mission of teaching biblical forgiveness through books, CDs, DVDs, television, radio, and e-ministry, in 2016 Forgiveness Ministries :

  • Distributed over 150 "Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness" books
  • Distributed over 40 "An Introduction to Biblical Forgiveness" CD sets
  • Distributed over 20 "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" DVD sets
  • Gave away over 100 "Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness" books and/or CD sets to pastors, counselors, and people who could not afford it
  • Sent out regular electronic newsletters to over 800 people
  • Offered a variety of helpful, free resources via our website
  • Gave interviews about biblical forgiveness on KFAX radio, which were broadcast throughout the year
  • Participated in several television spots on biblical forgiveness in conjunction with KTLN TV, which were broadcast in the San Francisco Bay and Chicago areas repeatedly throughout the year
  • Continued writing a new book, "What You Might Not Know About Forgiveness"