"Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" Seminar DVD

"Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" Seminar DVD


A DVD disk set of a live "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" seminar with one seminar notebook. (EACH VIEWER WILL NEED HIS OR HER OWN SEMINAR NOTEBOOK, WHICH MAY BE ORDERED SEPARATELY.)

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This is a DVD presentation of one of our live, "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" seminars.  The three DVD disks contain over six hours of teaching, broken into seven sessions from 34 to 78 minutes long.  Each DVD set includes one, 70-page "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" Seminar Notebook, a "Forgiveness Coin" and a "Focus on Forgiveness" brochure.

You may show this "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" DVD presentation to as many people as you want (in fact, we want you to do this!).  However, the "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" seminar presentation was designed with the UGF Seminar Notebook in mind.  The notebook without the seminar is incomplete.  The seminar without the notebook is incomplete.  For this reason IT IS IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE WATCHING THE SEMINAR ALSO HAVE THEIR OWN COPY OF THE "Unwrapping the Gift of Forgiveness" Seminar Notebook.  Extra notebooks can be ordered from this website.

With an order of 10 or more notebooks, you will also receive a copy of our "Developing a Lifestyle of Forgiveness" study book for free!  This is a great follow-up to the seminar for both personal and small group use.


Session Layout

Session 1     34 minutes     Introduction

Session 2     41 minutes     Something God calls sin damages the human soul and destroys loving relationships

Session 3     35 minutes     Something God calls forgiveness is how God heals the human soul and restores loving relationships

Session 4     77 minutes     The two sides of sin

Session 5     76 minutes     The two sides of forgiveness

Session 6     78 minutes     The six basic steps of Personal Forgiveness

Session 7     71 minutes     The six principles of Relational Forgiveness