Forgiveness Ministries Financial Integrity


  1. Forgiveness Ministries belongs to God, not to Steve Diehl.  Steve is merely a fellow servant in the work of God’s kingdom through Forgiveness Ministries.
  2. God started Forgiveness Ministries for His purposes and God can close Forgiveness Ministries down if it should complete its designed purposes or ceases to function in a way that accomplishes God’s purposes.  As such we will be very careful to devote our time, energy, giftings, talents, education, experience, etc. as a team to fulfill God’s purposes as He directs and will be willing to lay Forgiveness Ministries down should God direct.
  3. Forgiveness Ministries will be mindful to watch to see what doors of opportunity God opens and resources He provides to guide us in knowing what He wants us to do.
  4. Forgiveness Ministries will not operate the ministry at a deficit.  We will seek to repay all current debts as soon as possible.
  5. When needs arise Forgiveness Ministries will make them known to our prayer and financial partners in faith without coercion or dishonorable ways of fundraising.
  6. Forgiveness Ministries will encourage people to give to their church first as God directs and then consider if and how God would have them support Forgiveness financially.
  7. Forgiveness Ministries will consider all contributions to be given ‘unto God’ and therefore to be treated with the highest regard with respect to how money is used in ministry.
  8. Forgiveness Ministries will receipt all donations showing the fair market value of any materials requested and sent, to help contributors determine the tax-deductible portion of their gifts.
  9. When Forgiveness Ministries makes a purchase, we will pay the invoice within 30 days.  We will not use vendor’s money to make ministry happen.
  10. Forgiveness Ministries will give away the message of God’s forgiveness freely however and whenever possible.  When costs are required to provide certain resources, we will strive to make those resources available to all who need them, even if they are unable to contribute to the ministry to offset those costs.