Our Strategy

Forgiveness Ministries is basically a teaching ministry.

Our mission is to help as many people and communities as possible to practice all aspects of authentic biblical forgiveness.

To do this we focus on:

1.      Helping people develop a lifestyle of forgiveness by helping them to:

  • Discover their need to practice forgiveness

  • Learn what real forgiveness is

  • Practice effectively the full range of God’s forgiveness

2.      Helping churches become better “communities of forgiveness” rather than merely “communities of the forgiven.”

As a teaching ministry, Forgiveness Ministries works to utilize all avenues of teaching to accomplish its mission, including but not limited to:

  • Printed books and articles
  • Digital materials: CDs, DVDs, audio books, downloads, etc.
  • Online materials:  Website, Blog, Social Media, Podcasts, YouTube, etc.
  • Live events such as seminars and workshops, retreats, and conferences
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  • Small Group Materials
  • Leadership Training for pastors, counselors and teachers
  • Counseling
  • Development of songs that emphasize the full range of biblical forgiveness
  • Television and radio appearances
  • Establishment of ‘Schools of Forgiveness’ around the world

It is also our strategy to partner with other ministries to strengthen and expand them.  This is especially true of churches, as the strength of the local church is key to the health of the Christian community.