Prison Ministry

Men and women in prison desperately need to learn what real forgiveness is, and what it is not, and how to practice it.  

Over the past six years two different chaplains at Soledad State Prison have repeatedly invited Forgiveness Ministries to present forgiveness workshops to the men there and to preach in their worship services.  Soledad State Prison is a part of the California Department of Corrections and houses over 5000 men at their facility south of Salinas, California.  We have been very well received, speaking to over 600 men each weekend and have distributed over 200 of our "Developing A Lifestyle of Forgiveness" study books to them.  Some of the men started forgiveness small groups.  And some men have been transferred to other prisons and are teaching forgiveness there.  We are still being invited back regularly.

Of course, neither the men, nor the chaplain system can pay for the ministry we give to them.  Forgiveness Ministries is only able to do this kind of ministry as people partner with us prayerfully and financially.  It costs approximately $850 for a one-day seminar reaching anywhere from 80 to 200 men.

Please join with us in helping hurting, broken men who want to be set free from the prison sin has created around their souls.  Send a financial gift today.  And please pray that God will create new opportunities for Forgiveness Ministries to minister in other prisons as well.  Thank you for your help!