Partner With Us In Special Ministry Projects

Forgiveness Ministries teaches people how to practice all aspects of the real forgiveness made possible through Jesus Christ.  We do not receive any government assistance which means we rely completely on the faithful partnership of people like you to get the message of biblical forgiveness to the world.  In addition to the seminars, workshops, retreats, books, internet, etc. there are always a few special ministry projects that require special attention, prayer and funding.  You may give to the Forgiveness Ministries general fund or you may make special donations to special ministry projects.  

Prison Ministry

Over the past several years Forgiveness Ministries has presented forgiveness workshops and trained small group leaders at Soledad State Prison.  Those invitations keep coming.  We need your help to make it possible for us to minister in prisons as God opens the doors.  Click here for more information → 

Shepherd's Gate Recovery Home Ministry

Shepherd's Gate is a Christ-centered, live-in ministry helping  homeless women and children since 1984.  Over the past two years we have led forgiveness small groups which help these women incorporate forgiveness into their lives and establish healthy boundaries.  Your sponsorship of a woman enables her to participate in one of our forgiveness small groups.  Click here for more information →

Southeast Asia Ministry

Forgiveness Ministries is receiving a growing number of invitations to teach biblical forgiveness and to train leaders in many of the countries of Southeast Asia, from India to the Philippines and Nepal to Indonesia, including China.  Most of the host organizations are unable to cover the costs of this kind of ministry.  Click here for More information →

Book Publishing Ministry

Steve has written a book, which has been published in Singapore (British English) entitled, "Unlocking the Treasure of Forgiveness," which is available through Amazon.  We are working to release a U.S. version under the title, "What You Might Not Know About Forgiveness."  Your financial partnership will help with the printing and distribution in the U.S.  Click here for More information →