Southeast Asia Ministry

The people of Asia are hungry to learn about real forgiveness, we believe more so than in the United States.

Through a special couple who have contacts with hundreds of Christian leaders in over a dozen Southeast Asian countries Forgiveness Ministries has a growing number of opportunities to minister in these countries.  Recently, Steve and Becky participated in the Asian Christian Counselors Association Convention in Thailand where over 200 counselors and pastors from fourteen countries met to learn how to integrate biblical truths with professional counseling.  Steve and Becky not only taught and built relationships, but Forgiveness Ministries gave a copy of Steve's new book, "Unlocking the Treasure of forgiveness" to each of the participants.  Now we are receiving invitations to come and teach forgiveness in those countries.  It is possible that Steve and Becky may make trips to various countries up to four times a year, if the funds are available.

Unfortunately most of the churches, schools, Christian organizations who would like us to come are unable to pay for the cost of these ministry trips.  So as with all short-term missions trips, Forgiveness Ministries needs your prayers and financial support to make these trips possible and effective.  Thank you for joining with us in this ministry project!